Prayer Chain
Maybe you need prayer. Maybe someone you know needs prayer. And maybe you want to pray for others. Contact Paula Jansen.

Targeted Giving
We are looking for donations for resurfacing the parking lot and replacing the furnace. If you are able to help with these needs, it would be greatly appreciated. The church floor needs work too. If you can help with any of these, please let us know.

Money from your redeemable cans and bottles goes regularly to good causes. Bag them at the south side of the parish hall.

Valley Churches United Missions Food Drive
Donations for non-perishables and toiletries are blessed every second Sunday.

Books to Men and Women in Jail
Bring paperbacks to the office. We are currently especially looking for Westerns.

The Change Jar
Bring your spare change for the change jar. See how we can prove the famous saying: A penny saved, is a penny earned. In 2013, we raised $504.68 in change!

Help Arthur Evans fight cancer