Sunday School Bulletins

Families being together at church has shown us to be the key to growth in our faith. Each week there will be an activity pack available for each child and youth (based on their age). These will be available for you to grab when you come in to the church.

We’re excited to announce a NEW feature of Children’s Worship Bulletins that will have children lining up to get their bulletin this Sunday! That’s because they’ll be looking forward to the secret code on the front of the bulletin that unlocks hours of fun learning at home.

This secret code is unique to our church and allows SAFE and secure access to online games that reinforce the message for the week. You can continue Bible learning and discussion at home — while protecting children from the hazards of general Internet game sites.

Several games are rotated — Memory Match, Word Search, Gems of the Bible and Coloring Book — so each week kids have something new to play. The games are geared toward all age levels, so everyone can join in the fun!

If there are any children interested in being part of the service (acolyting, ushering, etc), just let us know and we can provide that as well.

We are so proud of our youth and their passion for service. There are many other activities our kids participate in. They help the Gardening Guild, the Altar Guild, play music during the services, and bake cookies for Coffee Hour. There is something for everyone. Come join us and enjoy watching your kids find their place in our family.

Make sure your child grabs this Sunday's Children's Bulletin for fun activities to do while in church. Each bulletin is designed to match up with what the "grown-ups" are learning too.