Arthur Evans

Arthur Evans was a member of the San Lorenzo Valley community serving as a local volunteer firefighter for many years. He and his wife had moved up to Mendocino a few years back, but he is now in need of some help.

On May 8th, Arthur "Art" Evans was diagnosed with cancer in his right jaw. He had surgery on July 5th, and four weeks later will begin simultaneous chemotherapy and radiation treatments lasting six weeks. While undergoing these treatments, he must live near Stanford Hospital. After time to recover from these treatments, it will probably be late winter before he can return to work.

Arthur and his wife Laura own A Cultured Affair Cafe in Mendocino. Because this is a mom-and-pop business, they will not have any income for several months. With the burden of medical expenses and related travel, they need the support of their friends, family, and community.

Arthur served his communities in Boulder Creek and Mendocino as a volunteer firefighter for 27 years and currently serves as one of the caretakers for the temple of Kwan Tai. Both he and his wife have donated often to local charities for over the years. For the first time in his life, he is asking for help. Click on the link below.

Help Art fight cancer.