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Youth Return from Costa Rica

Group shotPura Vida is the national slogan in Costa Rica, decorating everything from postcards to T-shirts, and translating literally as "pure life." However, the figurative meaning is something a little more elusive.

A group of San Lorenzo Valley youth had the opportunity to find their own definition of pura vida in 2006 as they traveled from the United States to Costa Rica as part of a mission team from St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ben Lomond.


On the evening of July 24, six San Lorenzo Valley youngsters, ages 11 to 16, will embark on a big adventure. They will fly to Costa Rica, where they will spend a week working in the poverty-stricken Los Lagos barrio in the city of Heredia.

Team members are Heather Bishop, age 16; Sebastian Tumbale, 14; Celestine "Cele" Glover, 14; Mary Smith, 13; Audra Camper, 12; and Andrew Olson, 11. During their stay they will be housed in make-shift accomodations at a medical clinic in Los Lagos.

They are the youngest team ever accepted for this mission, according to trip organizer Charise Olson of Boulder Creek. She serves as the youth group director for St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Ben Lomond. She and husband Ken will accompany the group as chaperones.

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